The wind in my leg hairs. Or lack thereof.

I talked to Liliana a couple nights ago, and she said that this one time in Peru she saw these screaming monkeys on a leash, and the monkeys were absolutely freakin out jumping up and down causing havoc because all they wanted was to be free, “Monkeys” she declared, “Are not meant to be on leashes.” She told me that I reminded her of those monkeys. So not where I was supposed to be.

She also got a little Buddhist on me, not that I’m complaining, I loved hearing her describe the way the wind felt as it whooshed through her leg hairs while she rode her bike the other day. I told her that I have a boyfriend, so I don’t have any leg hairs for the wind to whip through, one of the downsides to having a relationship.

But she also has a lotus flower tattoo, an endeavor which I can only describe as; intense. Apparently she got it on her eighteenth birthday, well okay, the day after which minimizes the cliché by a bit. Thank God. It’s to remind her to live each moment and to find her inner lotus, or something to that effect. More or less.

God bless her.


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