When I’m famous.

I think that when I’m famous, and people start setting “The Impatient Traveler” as their homepage, and google starts buying advertising space on my blog, I probably can’t just post stuff like “I love my dad. ” and “I ate  yogurt for breakfast because our milk was chunky.” on my blog. I think they’re expected to be more indepth deep and meaningful observations. But I wouldn’t know. Until then, I’ll just revel in the fact that my audience consists of two persons, my father, and I also signed my brothers e-mail up for it as well, but I highly doubt that he approved it. That’ll be the day.

This is actually an adequate means for communication, you know, cuz my phone is broken and all…So what’s for dinner?



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3 responses to “When I’m famous.

  1. Dad

    Well I’m not sure what’s for dinner? But I still think you can talk freely on your blog even when your famous and 1/2 the world has set theimpatientraveler as their home page. People want things that are real….. and you are real!

  2. Grammie

    Yes Dahling, you are REAL – real cute, real funny, real loving – a real nut AND real talented – how can that be? But, you are and you are very special. I think you are famous already, but you may not know it!!!!! (Maybe your circle of fame is still a teeny bit small, but I’m sure it will be growing and growing).

  3. Grammie

    P.S. Love the pics – wish we could go there again !!!

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