Nowhere Else in the World.



“I don’t know about you.”

She pondered.

“And the man at the airport checkout sure wouldn’t agree,

and the woman who felt me up at security probably wouldn’t be in accordance,

nor the sleeping man to my left at the airport terminal.

But I can’t think of a single place, absolutely nowhere else in the world where I would rather be right now on New Years Eve.

Right here, waiting for my flight, picking lint off the underside of my paint stained leggings at the gate seems to be precisely the perfect spot with which to welcome one spectacular, albeit wrinkly, New Year!”


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  1. Grammie

    I just got my computer back on line about 12:05 a.m.; checked your blog site because I felt you were COMMUNICATING —-(now that’s kinda wooooooooooo) — So glad you are really where you want to be most of all – have a good flight, sleep well and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Love you lots hon and I am really happy for you even if I WISH you were still here.
    Be good, be careful and have a wonderful adventure.
    Grammie XO

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