Squinting Out of Focus.


Lately I’ve begun to wonder about the stability of the world.

I’ve found myself squinting more often in order to discern reality from my foggy haze of perceptions.

I hold a mental image that the world which we inhabit is like a glass ornament, like a snow globe and we are trapped inside stiff and smiling watching the falling snow.

Oblivious, unaware, just smiling in the swirling particles that create our life as we’re twirled about.

I start to question the philosophy upon which I’ve built the tenets of my life.

If these eyes through which I see could be proved deceptive what was I to believe?

It’s times like these when I remember I haven’t changed my contacts in a while.

And then the whole world starts to make sense again.



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One response to “Squinting Out of Focus.

  1. Grammie

    You are soooo clever short-one. You had us concerned for the first few sentences –
    Will write longer — soon — hopefully. Very busy ‘putting out fires’ as Poppy always says.
    Love ya. By the way — how’s school????

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