What it’s all about

I believe in Finding Waldo.
I believe in the necessity of staining the bottoms of white socks.
I believe that attending the midnight showing of Iron Man the night before my AP Test probably wasn’t my brightest moment.
I believe in the blissful art of being and breathing.
I believe that the quickest way to dental hygiene is getting a significant other.
I believe that whenever an Italian man asks what size shoe you wear, it’s probably because he wants to borrow them.
I believe that soap and shampoo bottles make the best audience.
A good conversation, a steamy cup of licorice tea, and a night time hike of Bishops Peak, in this I believe.
I believe our lives begin and end in the time it takes the universe to blink.
I believe in spending the majority of my high school years trying to re-produce Ferris Buellers Day Off.
I believe in failing Algebra Two three years in a row.
I believe that the louder you yell, the less effective your voice actually becomes.
I believe in playing for change, and not the kind that jingles.
I believe that scars tell their own stories.
Life, Love, and a happily ever after, in this I believe.
I believe in the healing powers of twangy country music for any heartache.
I believe in high heels, even though they make me fall.
I believe in bare feet, and the hot pavement of the street, and a guitar strumming to the beat.
Je crois au tout. Io credo di tutto. I believe in everything.
High school is like a spork, it’s a crappy spoon, and a crappy spork, so in the end it’s just plain useless, and this, I believe.

8 responses to “What it’s all about

  1. Christina

    You are so awesome. I’m serious

  2. girl, i like the way you think

  3. Benjamin

    Absolutely gorgeous inside out, gifted and lively, we need more of you, thanks for liberating and taking us on a journey of fun and play time in your believe statement.

  4. j.young

    Great blog! Lovin’ your writing.

  5. You sound like my sister in days gone by concerning high school : )
    great blog!!

  6. Je crois en tout 🙂
    Never been to Dundee. It’s planned for when I come back to Scotland.

  7. “I believe that the louder you yell, the less effective your voice actually becomes.”
    I love this.
    I believe that sometimes graffiti is art.
    That hard things can make funny stories.
    That there is good and bad in everything.
    It looks like you’re good at finding the good.
    I love that.

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